2007-2008 Juilliard Statement

I take the train everyday, and when I look at the people seated around me everyone seems to be lost in their own universe. People read, look at the floor, listen to their iPods, or look out the window. They do not interact with the people next to them, across from them, or a few seats down from them... And everyone seems so isolated and disconnected. Despite this fact, I try to make eye contact with at least one person whenever I travel; that moment of connection is always magical, because it makes both of us feel more alive. I want to have more of these moments. Music, theatre, and other art forms are ideal worlds where we are not just encouraged, but forced to wake up and connect with the humanity of the art. The Lovin' Spoonful sang, “And it's magic when the music is groovy. It makes you feel happy like an old time movie.” Art fulfills our basic desire to see and experience other human beings.

The first time I remember looking and feeling like the people I watch on the train was in middle school. I dealt with this feeling by escaping into the magical worlds of Harry Potter, the Golden Compass, and King Arthur. I love magic. The appeal of magic lies in the idea that it is concealed in everything around you, but you can only use it by tapping into something bigger than yourself. On stage, actors get to open a door into magical worlds where people can connect to everything and everyone, and this is exactly the sort of world that I wanted to live in when I was reading fantasy novels. When you read a book, watch a play, or listen to your favorite song, the magic lies in the human spirit amplified within the art. We connect to the human quality in art; it makes us feel more human ourselves, and less alone.

Through my art, I aspire to connect with people in such a way that both of our lives will change as a result. When I get on stage, my goal is to share an explosion of life with people; I want to share the joy of being with an audience. However, if I want to make meaningful connections with playgoers, I need to learn how to exist in the moment, to use my instincts, to do actions without thinking, to use my body and voice, to live before an audience, and to make everything important. I want to study at Juilliard so that I can develop into a better actress—an actress who can profoundly connect with an audience.